Fashion and styling may belong to same family, but they each play a vital role in our every day look. Last Saturday,Cameroonian actress and producer did her movie premiere at Douala Bercy,the movie title LA Pattie D’abord.The premiere witness the presence of many great people from around the nation.

But one thing caught our eyes,the fashion trend on the red carpet. Lucie Memba,Syndy Emade,Solange Ojong and Christa Eka, all showed up looking like the celebrities we have always dreamt of from Cameroon.They all look elegant in their outfits.

Lucie Memba in silver detailed dress.

Solange Ojong looks like an Egyptian goddess in this black gold detailed gawn.

Christa Eka wore a multicolored stripes playsuit and white purse.

Syndy wore a white vintage cut out dress and pearls necklace.

Who says Cameroon does not have beautiful actresses?let that person think again. 

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