Its been more than 10 years today,Cameroon entertainment industry emerged,and yet the changes over the years is not felt as much as other industries in the world. Think about it,how many of our stars are known international wise?. Now this is a difficult question to respond to.. Aside from the music industry which is making advances and working so hard to our music artist to be known,what other part of the industry is doing same? Another difficult question to respond to.I had an argument with some friends about this and at the end,we all realised Cameroonian entertainment industry has another 60% work to be done for it to have international recognition especially out celebrities. Well Tiny Gossip came up with some of the reasons affecting our industry and they can be solved.

Feed your  Fans.. 

Truth is most of our celebrities still don’t know how to feed their fans.Its not just about vacation and taking photos in locations,remember girls will want to see new trends on you.Some fans want more than just your vacation photos(selfies). Feed them with what’s happening in your day to day life.Sometimes,make time for a small live chat with your fans..And when they meet you along the street,be down to earth towards them,don’t snub their 

presence,remember, if not of them u will be get those likes,votes and comments.Always appreciate them for being there always.

Go for events..

Most celebrities will only go for events that has made a big name,really? You are invited for an event as a guess star and u don’t show up. How do you think your fans feel? Your fans want to see you there,they want to see what new clothes you have,how georgous your make up and hair look like..They want to wave at you.They need autograph from you.

Mr/Mrs Boss..

Everyone wants to be a boss in what they do.Everyone wants to be known for ” Richard organised”.Its a wrong move,do consulting,meet experts and learn from them.Just because u have an idea,does not mean you can give birth to it.That’s the reason most of our events organise once can’t be repeated especially award events. They fail because of lack of listening,lack of communication and us feeling like we can do everything by ourselves. Do research and be a good event organiser.. Meet people and get what they think about your event.

To much negativity/Jealousy agmonst the entertaining people..

We kill each other everyday in the industry.You share your thoughts with someone,instead of helping,they go behind and sabotage you either to some sponsors,friends and supporters. Actors hating their colleagues because they are good,actresses hate their colleagues,music artists beefing each other daily and not sharing their music yo their fans. Really, we know beefing is always there but in Cameroon beefing is 70% better than friendship in the industry. Work together,stop the beefs, share and applaud your colleagues..its strengthens every relationship.

Lack of style and team work..

Most of our celebrities need celebrity stylist to bring out their style. Our stars don’t know what to wear for certain events. Meet stylist for help and you will get one. Get yourself a hair and makeup stylist to. Get a PA to assist you. Don’t think you know it all.You don’t. You can have the clothes but matching them up is another problem.Get all this together and see how you will have more fans.

 I love what lady ponce did,she has now built a team and her fashion style has improved.

Money can’t buy talent..

Some people will pick money over talent,Just because some one has money,doesn’t mean they have talent. Stop training the talents we have with money. That’s why some movies,musics etc r lacking behind..You prefer to pick money and drop a talented person.Wrong wrong wrong. Do it the right way.
Thanks for reading,and tell us what you think about why our industry is lacking behind.


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