In an effort to inspire change, reform and elevate the standards in the African Modeling Industry. The Afrik Diary and Partners officially unveils the campaign for the maiden edition of TAME. 
The African Model Exhibition 2017 projects a strong network and direct connection between Cooperate Organisations, Modelling Agencies,  Beauty and Cosmetic Companies, Fashion Houses, Make- Up Artists etc. which aims at celebrating and uplifting the African Culture and harness the raw beauty and talent of African Models.

TAME will also highlight perceptions about Africa and point out core attributes that distinguishes African models with great prospects of using the world of fashion to re-align the relationship between African countries. 

You will recall that during the colonial years, Africans were exhibited, auctioned and bought as slaves but today we are promoting a New Era where Africans are showcased and endorsed as Brand Ambassadors to global brands.                                                             
Speaking at the unveiling, Mr. James Adeniyi, Convener of TAME and the CEO, Afrik Diary said “it is high time we changed the negative impression about the Modelling profession.  It is important, also to note that models come in different shapes and different fields. There are individuals who are engaged in other professions and still have the potential to work as a model”.
The exhibition will feature models from African countries like Cameroon, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and a few others waiting to be confirmed.


TAME will afford participants as well as sponsors the opportunity to network and establish mutually beneficial connections.
Registration starts on the 1st of February, 2017.
For partnership and sponsorship please contact:

Phone: +2348175143060


To register visit

Facebook: The Afrik Diary

Twitter: @afrikdiary

IG: @afrikdiary


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