​Registration for The African Models Exhibtion 2017 *#TAME2017* is finally on!

This is one big shot at broadening your exposure, experience, connection and also to build a well profiled career in the MODELLING, FASHION &ART WORLD
So hasten up and grab these ample benefits that comes from these innovative platform 
Benefits includes
® *Endorsements opportunity*

® *Publicity and exposure*

® *Meet influential prospect*

® *Professional Portfolio*

® *A Year Photo session opportunities*

® *Recognition on our brochure and our media partners platform*

® *Brand Ambassadors to companies*

® *A year full wardrobe with African costumes*

® *Free tickets to any African Countries*

® *consolation prizes to award recipients*
Entry opens to all *AFRICAN MODELS* Fashion Designers and Visual Artists.
© *MODELS*: https://goo.gl/AwTlS4
© *Fashion Designers/Visual Artist*: https://goo.gl/DlmV4G
Note: All payment should be made to the company account.
 For Participation/Sponsorship Whatsapp or call:+2348175143060, +2348057678328
Don’t forget, We aim at Adjoining Creative Minds in cognitive conjunction with beautiful belles and lads in the African World of Fashion.

Follow us:

Fb,Twitter,IG: @AfrikDiary

Fb,Twitter,IG: The African Models Exhibition
*#Showcasing Beauty, Creativity and Culture of Africans*


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