We are just minutes away before the finals of Afcom Cameroon-Eygpt and pur celebrities have been sharing their thoughts on this.. See here;


Samuel Eto’o has been excited about the finals all day and he keeps sharing photos on how he feels about Cameroon/Egypt match on his Facebook page.


Cameroon afro-pop king Ambe shared his thoughts about the final Afcon match today on his page. We can see his face painted Green Red and Yellow,showing his positive feelings about this match.

Mbango Adambi

The actress could not hold her feeling about Ondoua. She had to share his Facebook page and Tiny Gossip knows,its not just about the page but its about what’s going to happen in few mins.

Pierre Abena

Pierre Abena,had to show his support by wearing his Cameroonian Jersey. Well a model will always be a model. We love to see him in different Cameroonian Mayo.


Beautiful soul music artist Lab’L shared this beautiful photo on her fan page supporting the Lions. We can’t help but notice her beautiful make up..

Naomi Achu

Naomi Achu had to share this beautiful photo of her wearing the Cameroonian Jessy. Well her fashion statement in that Jessy is the girl next door. We love the chunky earrings.

That’s all we have for you. But then we TG say go Lions..


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