Le petit event is an events and PR agency based in London.We are specialise in Africa & luxury.Our clients are mostly africans and they love our services especially in both  Europe and Africa touch.

 Our events always incorporate and reflect our customers corporate identity including and showcasing their national identy.

Coming from a Cameroonian and german heritage, I have learnt from a very young age to communicate and feel at home in both worlds.I use my heritage and education in my field of work. I am very passionate about Cameroon and it’s always reflected throughout my events and especially my own concepts such as “Le diner des nubiennes” .

The event will take place in paris on 25 March 2017. And the people will enjoy an interactive diner show experiencing Cameron’s best in food , music, entertainment and theatre! 

I have started having many loyal followers and I have been recognised for an award while representing Cameroon.

I use my work as well to showcase that women should rely on their skills and talents instead of looks.I am passionate about women in africa and women in business…Don’t miss out on such a great event,if you are base in Europe. 25th March in Paris. Very beautiful and amazing sponsors and partners.

For more information contact: 



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