We promised you all and we are not failing our promise. After the redcarpet then comes the actual party. What actually went down on Saturday night,was fun fun fun and more fun with the birthday boy. He(Stanley) was happy meeting fans,friends,family members and sponsors. He shared a lot of photos and selfie moments with them.

But one thing that caught our attention was the fact that,he never forgot about Locko and those in the struggle. He had to dedicate some mins for this people before anything else. Well I will cut the long story short. See photos of how the party went down.

Franko sang for the cake to be cut by the birthday boy.

Daphñe sang happy birthday to stanley
Featurist sang for Stanley to do his first dance moves
Minks performed during Stanley’s birthday

Zita also sang for Stanley Enow

Moments with friends and family

Selfies moment

Stanley doing what he loves

Thanks everyone for watching and we hope to read from you what you think about Stanley’s birthday night..

Photo credit; Groups GPS


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