Cameroonian fashion blogger/co-founder of brightenme,Befabnstaychic, shares with us,what really went down on Valentine’s day. Read details on how romantic her night was.

My day began with a bouquet of 24 beautiful roses packaged in a luxurious black box, delivered at my door with a heartfelt message that put a smile to my face.

Later on in the evening was a trip to one of my favorite restaurants where we a had a 4 course candle-lit dinner. For my appetizer, I had a strawberry salad, then cod with mashed sweet potatoes and spinach, lamb chops and crème brûlée for dessert. 

I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine’s day yesterday. And however you chose to spend it, i hope it was meaningful

Unfortunately, she does not want us to know who her mistery man is,but we noticed she had the most interesting date of all time.

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