You can never have a good day,without seeing or having some distractions. Reverse movie premiere,had some great looks on the red carpet and also some bad looks.

TG,picked out those who had a lot going on,and many others. Take a close look;

Just a lot going on

I love the body con red dress,but the boots was a wrong pick for this dress and the hair,its should have been a ponytail.
Lovely but,the necklace color and length was ro much. The purse should have been black.
The sun glasses, the neck scalf,the jacket was a no no.

Take one or two off the look

Desmond, i think the jacket is way to big and was not for such occasion.
Ok, just to many colours on you and your coat looks big as well. If it was slim fit and less color without the glasses, you would have been my best dressed.
I love this look,but your neck scarf spoilt the look.
Nice dress and hair,but the boots should have been higher to make it look classy.
Great,but the hair should have been held up, behind or made a bun.
Lovely dress,but the fur jacket should have been off.
Lovely look,but the jacket is our problem.
Smart casual good but the hat is a no no


Just alot going on, the snapback, the coat, the pant..a no no look.

Something is missing

NK,i love the dress but the pant down,has a different look.But if not u look good and i love the color pick.
I feel like its to tight on you. I love the arm.But from the waist line..something is not right.

Like TG said in previous post. We need to work on our make up and hairstyles,when it comes to red carpet events.


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