We meet five years ago, when i just got an employment in as petroleum engineer with a UK based oil and gas company. 

I use to call her back in the days Eminado because she brought much light into my life. I went into my first major investment as an entrepreneur after i meet her.

Love at first site..

It was nothing serious in the beginning as I heard about her from a friend she came to visit,so I later took her number from my friend and we started texting. She was so nice and polite from day one ,despite the fact that she just came in from  abroad. 

Our first meeting was magic and it was like a deja vu.we clicked and from friends we became lovers then we became parents and my passion for life grew as she gave me our little angel a carbon print of me.

From a fashion designer to script writting.she believes in me and has brought out so much in me.we’ve been through many break ups for the past 5years but we still find a way to get back together.we both have a common identity. We are each others friend and keeper. All our flaws and shortcomings she still sees me as the best father and friend ever and tells me i will make a great husband to me she’s just the most amazing woman I have ever meet in my life.

She’s my bride my superstar and mother of my children,best friend and lover.

See more photos of Des Patrickson pre-wedding shoot..

Photo credit: Stanley photo works.


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