Cameroonian music artist Tay-O, is our man crush today. Tay-O,has been missing in the music industry for some months.TG can’t help but make his presence felt with some hot photos of him. Take a look;

Firstly,Some of you didn’t know Tay-O is a lover of zouk and it’s more interesting to know that,through out his music Career,He has featured with some Zouk artists especially Lynnsha. Watch Give it To me, which he featured Lynnsha. ⬇⬇

Did you know this sexy star is still single? Ladies you can try your lock on this one. Because for all I know, one stop being single the day he or she puts a ring on it. Check him on facebook Tay-O,  and instagram DoutyD.

Finally,to his fans who have been missing him in the industry,he recently made an announcement that will glue you all to your TV screens and radio soon. Tay-O, will be dropping his latest single MOUTO. And we know you can’t wait to watch and listen to this.

Thanks for reading and don’t stop supporting TG.


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