Cameroon international film festival,yesterday celebrated a cultural night. This event aimed at showing the few different cultures we have through music and fashion.

An event such as CAMIFF,is fast growing and to be able to represent during the five days,you have to be well prepared,because it entails alot of attention from fans.

We picked some of your favorite celebrities looks from the cultural night and also from day one, to give you a great details about how elegant,both looks differ.

Nsang Dilong

Dilong, was our best dressed for the cultural night. We love the fact that,she went from a girl in a little black dress to an African diva,in that sweetheart ball dress by EB kreation. Did you notice her make up? She wowed us with the nude fave make up on the second day,but for the first day,she went bold. Her hair on day one was flashy and on day to,she went in as a naturalistter with a bond.

Solo Egbe

Solo Egbe was our day 1 favorite redcarpet girl,for day 2,she came second. Day one,she wow her fans in this double cut evening dress,her hair all behind. A simple classy make up,her accessories was just a simple choker and chunky ring. Her day 2 look, was so traditional,but we saw day 1 make up on her day 2 face. Maybe the lipstick and eye shadow colour should have changed. We love her hair.And we are happy she has played with her braids a lot.

Malvis Ann

Malvis Ann’s day one look,did not work for us.But her hair was just so perfect,because it made look different.Her day 2, when we saw this beautiful African print gawn we loved it,as its on the second collage,it works magic,because it made her slimmer,but,the slit distraction on the dress was to much already, we saw her day 1 she had double flattery slits. Why should we meet another slit? And the hair style and make up for both days,are the same.She should have added a hairprincess band or make it look different.

Stephanie Tum

She was our next favorite for day 1,and she pulled off the floral print dress,but we feel her sandles could be some intches more higher,so as to bring out the fish tail perfectly. We are happy,she settled for less jewelry.And we love her makeup as well. To be honest,her day two look,is great,but the toghu should have been added more around the flare,so we feel the dress more traditional. And we love her turban as well. 

These are some of the looks we picked out from your favorite celebrities. Just let us know if out thoughts about them is true and what do you think?


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