Finally,we have some photos from CAMIFF cultural night. A night which exposed more of the different cultures of Cameroon in a classic way. Celebrities and others represented the “Kabba” look and also the basket print,the Bantu print and the toghu look. The Manyu culture to was well represented with its traditional dance.

Aside the dress code,others represented with their hair styles and makeup as well.

Be the judge as you glance through some of the photos from the redcarpet of CAMIFF 2017.

The Kabba look

    Malvis Ann(actress)

Bollywood actress Rehka Rana represented in lace Sari.

Akenji Shelly(actress/makeup artist)

Madam Ewang(delegate of culture Buea)

Basket classic 

Wrapper classic

African print mad classic

Toghu 2017

Stephanie Tum

Bollywood in Africa

The Boys 

What do you think about Cultural night CAMIFF 2017?

Photo credit; Stanley photo works.


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