Wow,that’s how I will begin this post. Camiff might have passed but it still had some unfinished business with Tiny Gossip.haha do not worry,that unfinished business was the redcarpet appearances of our celebrities. They all showed up,looking elegant and red carpet ready,Some rocked their favorite designers. 

Just scroll down and see photos.


 Joan Ngomba(blogger) in EB kreation

Jane(make up artist) in Niki Heats

Stephanie Yimga(Model) in Mareta West

Lucie Memba(actress)

Adeline Kamgha(CEO of fabafriq magazine)

Muengue(Make up artist) in EB kreation

Candy Laurice(actress)

MR.Brenda Elung(Producer and actress)

Rehka Rana(Bollywood actress)

Soli Egbe(actress)

Josso(actress) in Mareta West

Stephanie Tum in EB Kreation(actress)

Nsang Dilong (actress) in EB kreation



Alfred(founder of FIAFA)

Minister of arts and culture(Mr.Ekombi)

Ramsey Nouah(Nollywood actress)


Wow!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 So what do you think about the looks from our celebrities. Rate on 10..


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