Hi everyone,

Its been a long time I wrote anything or something about what’s happening in the world of entertainment. Well,to much to do but TG is back with some gist and gossip in the world of entertainment.

So wuna know weti happen yesterday for twitter with Jovi? Oh sorry oh for people weh them no know. Make I gossip am again. Master Jovi,gosh Stanley Enow and Magasco yesterday for twitter. And then ei delete the gosh(hmmm we no know weather ei be high,but ad for TG,Na ei chocolate that). Na for the way, another musician weh ei to di rap well well ei name Melcube,come helpep Magasco,Stanley Enow and Put Baccardi back the gosh and ei bad,ei sat ei to ready for the fight. Wuna see am ⏬⏬⏬

Na Jovi ei own that..See Melcube ei own⏬

Haba Na jovi again this gosh melcube

What will one not see in this entertainment my people..hmmm 😎😎😎

Anyway,Magasco to give ei own reply.. See picture nor..

“Nothing else matter”.. That mean say,ei no dey for class two pikin play..Magasco,u do well well oh.. 


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