Many have been asking,why a movie award,when we can’t have access to most of Cameroonian movies? Meanwhile,others have been watching some Cameroonian movies and they are ready to face their favorite actors and actresses during the upcoming Cameroon movie achievement awards 2017. 

Its going to be the first edition and it will be held at palaise De congress Yaounde,this July 1, 2017. With more than 10 categories to be recognised during this first edition.

Tiny gossip,has picked out some mistakes made during other Cameroonian entertainment awards and we are sharing it with you all,because we don’t want the maiden edition of CAMAA,to face same mistakes. Read below;

No political presenters but entertainers. 

We have seen other awards in Cameroon entertainment industry,and most of its presenters are more of politicians than entertainers. For crying out loud its entertainment not politics. Pick or select some musicians,actors,actresses, comedians,fashionistas to present the best winner of each category. Don’t select politicians who have no idea of what entertainment is. They should watch and see the fun about it not the other way round. Fans want to see Nsang Filing,Epule etc present those awards.

Paparrazi/instant photos.

Not everyone,will have the previllage to watch red carpet show live,but trust me,You can make this work out,with Facebook live and instagram live videos,you can get many audiences to watch what some of our celebrities are wearing on the redcarpet. Also let there be instant redcarpet photos,and don’t wait four days later to publish them. 

Who and what are you wearing?

This is one of the most popular questions of all time. Celebrities,meet your designers now. We have a month and a week to go. Its time for your to get your red carpet looks ready. Ita not about the dress,but your hairstyles and make up as well should work together. Don’t go on that redcarpet looking like you lost your way. Tiny gossip is hoping to see more designers on the redcarpet for CAMAA 2017.


Hold on,how many bloggers have you spoken to? I guess none because I don’t see this making hit on blogs. Get to bloggers to talk about the event now and invite those bloggers to come and talk about what’s happening in the event. Bloggers are the new life time journalist. Many will rush to read beta tinz,glowmonat,culture Ebene,Je Wanda,Bonteh,hotjem,mode Maison, I rep camera blogs to see who wore it best or worst. You need this people.

Give time for each presenter: 

Do let your presenters know,they have for example 10mins for their presentation or speeches. Don’t make it lengthy and boring and also,let your presenters make the show funny but yet classy.

Thanks and I hope you all learn something.


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