African Heritage Fashion Week is brought to you by NUVI CREATIVE. Haven been a designer from childhood by blood and passion, I have appeared in the limelight and golden stages of top fashion events home and across Africa. My catalogue of prime price winning of international competitions and festivals, medals and awards are testimonials of the depth and degree of my journey and experiences in the world of fashion and aesthetics. My personal experiences coming in contact with top African designers, models, Fashion gurus, market houses, medias,  top business icons and the undying quest for “Expanding Possibilities in Designing” has given me a first hand grip on the challenges faced by designers home, Cameroon, and across the sweet and colorful walls of the African Continent. 
African Heritage Fashion Week 2018, focusing especially from the experiences of Africa’s multiculturalism is therefore an arena, careffour, and particularly a salad bowl for meeting and diagnosing some of these key issues and barriers in the world of fashion, acting as the main melting pot for fashion business in Africa. It’s also going to be an alter or platform for the promotion of designers’ brands and images, talents, skills, models, businesses etc. Following the ocean of home and designers travelling near and far to showcase their talents here in Cameroon, the bundle of competing buyers alongside international models spiced with home based potential models to unveil creative skills and add  beauty to the #AHFWEEK2018, this event is reserved for its kind.
A critical throw back for decades reveals that African arts, Crafts and Cultures has influence luxury and fashion around the world. In our present contemporary era, African Culture is not only inspiring the couture and luxury world, but now also, a casual and high street fashion creating mass business for production and retailing. The most interesting part of this is that it’s just beginning. 
Nevertheless, being a fashion buyer in Africa; finding fashion labels that secure their branding and imagery; finding brands that creates their master pieces carefully with seasonal trends and fashion; locating clothes and accessories produced with the right taste of quality; and finding the required shows where one can witness this fashion on the runway is not as easy as we wish or almost impossible. 
Due to the intriguing efforts, vision and ground work employs by Nuvi Creative Fashion House, February 2018 is the great historic month. Your number one location to be on this earth is none other than Africa’s most peaceful and hospitable country, Cameroon. And the golden ceremony to answer your worries and accommodate your fashion buying desire is no other but African Heritage Fashion Week 2018. 
Bother not, worry never, no more uncertainty about production, quality, nor trade difficulties. Come and experience unseen trends, patterns and styles. Witness and get to feel undiscovered handmade fabrics and textiles. Witness also a host of jewelleries, beads made exhibitors and more. Buyers will also be treated to amazing networking and fashion business opportunities. 


For more info or to partner with AFRICAN HERITAGE FASHION WEEK 2018, WhatsApp your email to +237650877110. 

No Home or Better Place Like Africa



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