The bandana (meaning ‘bond’ or ‘to tie’) has hyped its status as a regular detail in daily street wear.

Not necessarily as a ‘hanky’ to clear the nostrils or soak up sweat, but as an accessory to spice the outfit and rock the street.

This square piece of cloth now finds itself a suitable fit on foreheads, wrists, pocket, or just worn about the face as a mask.

It all depends on the inspiration, creativity and nature of the wearer.

Enjoyed for it’s simplicity and printed style, the fabric(often made of cotton) has found fans amongst the stylish youthful sample, guys and girls alike, as it is easy to go with.

It is no surprise that Cameroon urban music household names such as Adah Akenji, Tenor, Blanche Bailly, Tzy Panchak, and a host of others have already tried the look.

Where and how do you tie your bandana?!

Here they are;

By Erwin Ayota.


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