21st edition of Ecran Noir film festival begins tomorrow 15th July 2017 in Yaounde.

Ecran Noir is a film festival that celebrates movies from Cameroon and the world. This year, some movie icons from Cameroon have been selected to hold important positions during the 21st edition.

Valerie Ayena and Syndy Emade 

From what we gathered Syndy Emade(actress and producer) and Valerie Ayena(model) are to appear as judges for this year’s Ecran Noir film Festival. Valerie Ayena already confirmed her presence with a video on her snapchat and also with the designer dress she will have on. Sorry its not a Cameroonian designer. She will be wearing a Dubai designer’s outfit to the open ceremony.

Albin Brice and Nsang Dilong 

Nsang Dilong(Cameroonian actress) and Albin Brice(media personality) will be hosting this year’s edition of Ecran Noir film festival. They both confirmed this on their various Facebook pages earlier today.


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