TinyGossip: So give us a brief details about you

Naomi: I am Naomi Achu. AfroPop recording artist from Cameroon based in the US. I love God, family,music and fashion..

TinyG: We have seen you collaborated with different artists from other parts of Africa,but we are not sure about Cameroon on your list. So can you let us know which of this artists you will love to feature in one of your music?

Naomi:Not at all. Wes Madiko features in the remix of Busy Body which you can find in “Long Live the Queen: The Deluxe Edition”. 

And while working on the album, my team had reached out to a few other Cameroon new generation artists but I suppose timing was not right. 

I’m always open to working with any passionate and talented artist that I connect with. Music has to do with a productive vibe among artists involved. Whether from Cameroon or abroad.

TinyG:Music and Family,how have you been managing this two,given that your daughter is tender and you are expecting another?

Naomie:I handle my music just  like how any mother and wife would handle a job. Same principles . And my husband is also very supportive. 

When a mother leaves her home to go to work, it is the same concept.

TinyG: I call you Queen of African red carpet. You are always seen wearing African prints on the redcarpet,what’s the inspiration behind? And we know its becoming your signature look.?

Thanks for the kind words . Yes. I love African print because it’s full of life and color. It’s my fabric of choice and I feel comfortable in it. Sometimes I wear other fabrics but it’s nice to stay consistent with my brand.
Plus, African print is a representation of where I’m from. My international fans enjoy it when I flaunt my heritage .

TinyG: What are those six things always in your handbag?

-Mac lipstick (Ruby Woo) 

– Hand sanitizer 




-My Album (LLTQ)

TinyG: Red lipstick or Dior sunglasses? If you pick red lipstick,which of this guys will you kiss during a video shoot; Tzy Panchak, Stanley Enow,Minks,Locko and Mr.Leo

And if you pick Dior sunglasses, who will you save the last dance with? Locko or Mr.Leo?

Naomi: Dior Glasses, please

Hmmm. Save the last dance …. I don’t like to discriminate. Can I have both.If the beats is hof ,I will choose locko and if its gentle I will choose Mr.Leo.

TinyG: You won Afrimma last year,How has it change your life?

Naomi: Its always an honor to be nominated for an award and its more beautiful when you win it. Afrimma has made me appreciative of Africa and my heritage. I was honored to hold my award as a cameroonian female artist.I think I love to do it more often.


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