The maiden edition of Cameroon Fashion Awards 2017/2018, #cfaawards, recently took place at St.Johns plaza Douala,with dress code African wear. The maiden edition was a huge success,with the presence of celebrities from every part of the country. It also celebrated the best achievement of fashionistas from different sector in entertainment, From fashion run,down to media. See photos from the red carpet;


Movie producer/actress Madam Brenda

Creative director EB kreation

Media personal Ordchy

Creative director Afrik Fashion Trend Nkafu Sulet

Creative director MaretaWest

Creative director at Margo Mode,Ngwana Liz

Actress Syndy Emade

Creative director Emilia Kanyi

Actress,Stephanie Tum

Blogger, Yefon of Irepcamer

Gentile Men

Male model/blogger Sama Tanya

Mister Cameroon 2018

Fashion influencer Divine Polyvalent

Creative director Amah Fashion House

Creative director Nuvi

Model trainer Fon Armand

Actor,Nchifor Valery

Actor, Nkwah Kingsley

Actor Jeffrey Epule

Male model, Stephen song


Fashion photographer Studio 89

Media personality Joan Ngomba

Media personality JJ Nshom and creative Director Sabina


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