Get to know about London base Afro artist #Robinson.

Teke Robinson Tetuh,was born on the 1st of October 1986,in Baffousam Cameroon.

Teke Robinson Tetuh,who goes by his artists name “Robinson“, found his love for singing when he became a mass servant in Catholic Church up station Bamenda. After serving the church for 7 years as a mass servant,he then joined the Youth Choir,where he sang and played drums(drummer boy).

His love for music intensified, as he also grew up listening to his favorite RNB artist R.Kelly. He fell in love with some of his hit songs like ” world’s greatest “,” Trapped in the closet series”. He also loved some African artists like Style Plus and Bracket. From them he got to love Afro music.

After he moved to London,where he is currently serving at the British army,he met Cameroon artist also based in London “Rawf K” , Who was his new motivation.

Robinson is now ready to face his music career. He is full time package as he writes,sings and even dance.

He recently released his first single title “Forever” produced by Philbillbeatz.

Watch below;